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C&W Canada Garage Doors Flagship Video

 Welcome to C&W Canada Garage Doors! When you need garage door service in Edmonton, C&W Canada Garage Doors is here to help. Meet our founder and president, Chris Wilke, and see what a day in the life of a garage door expert looks like.


How to Properly Lubricate Your Garage Door

When your garage door squeaks and squeals, it starts to become hard to look your neighbours in the eyes. If you don’t want to be "that neighbour" on the street, learn how to lubricate your garage door quickly and easily.

Programming Your Garage Door Opener’s Remote

Technology isn’t always cooperative, but luckily programming your garage door opener’s remote is a quick and easy process. Follow along with our residential garage door expert, Chris Wilke, as he shows you the step-by-step process for programming your garage door remote.

Checking Your Garage Door Opener’s Sensitivity

Safety always comes first with garage doors. After all, it’s the largest moving appliance in your home. If everything is working right, your garage door should easily raise back up when you do this easy garage door opener sensitivity test.

How to Check Your Garage Door’s Balance

Like athletes and gymnasts, being off-balance is not great for your garage door. To get back on track, you can do a simple balance test on your garage door. Learn how to check your balance, when your garage door spring might be damaged, and when to call a garage door specialist.

How to Clean & Fix Your Garage Door’s Photo Eyes

Uh oh. Your garage door won’t close and you’re already late for work. What to do? Keep calm and learn how to fix and clean your garage door’s photo eyes. Once these little gadgets are clean and clear, your garage door should open and close easily!

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