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We’ve all heard of smart openers for garage doors. What most people don’t realize is that you can update your accessibility without changing out your entire opener system. A smart garage door opener makes for a great upgrade, but a simple upgrade to your remote is all you need to get the latest in garage door technology.

At C&W Canada Garage Doors, we are all about the technology. Almost every installation, service, repair, or maintenance visit ends with someone upgrading their remotes. It’s affordable, quick, easy, and gives you a ton of added convenience when you’re rushing out the door to work, soccer games, social events, or whatever else keeps you busy. Plus, it’s an added layer of security for the largest access point to your home.

The myQ App’s Benefits

There’s no doubt that your universal garage door controller or remote does the job. A cheap garage door remote from Home Depot might have a few issues now and then, but for the most part, it opens and closes your garage door when you need it to.

The difference with the myQ app is convenience, security, and household management. Anyone who has had a home or garage break-in, who had kids that come and go, or who just wants to feel like they have more control will love the myQ app. As smart home systems become more and more popular and mainstream, this app is taking the industry by storm.

Open from Anywhere

Since the myQ app is a Wi-Fi garage door access solution, you have complete control no matter where you are. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and can open the app on your tablet or smartphone, you can open or close your door with the tap of a button.

This also makes it super convenient if someone in your household has forgotten their house key or needs access while you aren’t home.

Some LiftMaster options also come with voice control. You can link your myQ system to Google Assistant or Siri so you can open and close your door without looking for your remote.

Amazon Key for Garages

Have you heard about the upcoming development that will allow you to receive Amazon packages directly inside your garage? Amazon Key is a program for Prime members that works in tandem with LiftMaster myQ openers. As long as you don’t mind giving Amazon access to your garage with myQ, their delivery service will leave your package safely inside your garage so you can avoid those nasty “porch pirates.” The program has launched in about 50 US cities, and we’re hoping it will make its way to Canada soon.

Receive Alerts When Your Garage Door is Opened or Closed

You can also see when your garage door has been left open accidentally from the app. So whether it got stuck open because your cat ran in front of the sensor or someone forgot to close it, your app will let you know with a push notification. Then you can choose to close it (or call the police if you think it’s an attempted break-in).

Compatible with Most Garage Door Opener Models

Many of our myQ devices are compatible with distinct models and older models. Although we only install LiftMaster garage door openers, we can usually easily add a myQ device to your Chamberlain or Genie garage door opener.

Plus, every new LiftMaster opener install automatically comes with the myQ app to connect to your opener.

Another Amazing Option: Keychain Remotes!

Okay, so you want more convenience, but you don’t know if the myQ app is for you. Or maybe you just want an opener that sticks with you so you can open and close it from your car, your house, or wherever is nearby.

A keychain remote lets you carry your opener with you wherever you go. Instead of being stuck inside your car (where a thief could potentially take it and use it to access your garage), your keychain remote travels safely with you. It’s also great if you often walk, bike, or take transit instead of driving.

Our key chain garage door opener remotes can also be paired with almost any opener - not just our fantastic LiftMaster garage door openers. This has been an extremely popular option over the summer, so if you have questions, Just call us to ask!

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