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Let’s say you’ve been stashing away some cash for much-desired home renovations. Maybe you’re planning on putting your house on the market soon so you can upgrade, or perhaps your pride of ownership is gleaming and you want to bring your home into the 21st century. Either way, you have some decisions to make.

If you were planning on skimping on renovations to your garage, you might want to think again! The stats are in and, according to what we’re seeing, a garage door replacement offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to exterior home renovations.

Let’s look at the top three reasons our clients put garage door replacements at the top of their to-do list in 2019.

Rack Up Your Rate of Return with a Great Garage Door Reno

When you make any kind of investment in your home, you’ll want to get as much out of it as possible. That said, if you’re trying to decide between putting in a backyard patio or installing a brand-new garage door, you may want to look at this new data, which shows residential garage door replacements can offer a 97.5% return on investment.

According to the Times Colonist:

“Exterior renovations tend to have the highest rate of return each year, said Clayton DeKorne, chief editor of construction focused JLC Group. One of its magazines publishes an annual report estimating the cost versus value of more than 20 common renovation projects. Their data relies on project estimating software and an online survey of more than 4,600 real estate professionals.

The 2019 report indicates an upscale garage door topped the jobs with the best return on investment, with an average price tag of US$3,611 and a return of $3,520, recouping 97.5 percent of the cost.”

The numbers don’t lie! Plus, this renovation is likely one of the more affordable items on your to-do list, which means you’ll be able to accomplish more than one project within your budget.

Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Older Model Home

One of the main reasons a garage door replacement is so valuable to your home is because it offers an instant modern touch. The garage door on most two-story homes in Edmonton is the first thing you’ll see from the street. If it’s outdated, damaged, or just plain ugly, your neighbours may avert their eyes.

Many of the garage door replacements we help with in Edmonton are for homeowners who are just starting the process of home renovations. They can choose a garage door that reflects the modern style they envision, making it the perfect first step towards completing other exterior renovations.

Make Your Home Easier to Sell in a Tough Market

This is pretty self-explanatory. Adding curb appeal to your house and getting 97.5% rates of return on investment will undoubtedly send homebuyers running to your doorstep. With such low-risk/high-reward potential, purchasing a new garage door is truly the best possible way to recoup your renovation costs in a resale despite Alberta’s tough real estate market.

If you’ve been thinking about putting your Edmonton area home on the market, a few other quick fixes could go a long way in helping you sell. Here are the other top renovations with high rates of return from a Remodeling magazine study:

  1. Exterior stone veneer
  2. Wood deck additions
  3. Steel entry door replacements
  4. Minor kitchen remodels
  5. Siding replacements

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If you’ve been putting off a new garage door installation, this is the perfect time to add real value to your home.

C&W Canada Garage Doors Edmonton provides 24/7 emergency service, spring replacements, garage door opener installation services, and repair services for all types of residential and commercial garage doors as well as overhead doors. We’d be happy to put together a design and quote for your brand-new garage door today.

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