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7 Genius Ways to Use Your Garage

Most people use their garage space for traditional purposes: parking and extra storage. If your garage features stacks of camping equipment, tools, old clothing meant for the donation bin, and random appliances that haven’t been in style since 1970, you’re not alone!

However, as many homeowners have looked at that crammed, mostly unused space and think, “wow! I could really do a lot with that extra space.” 

If you’ve ever had a similar thought, this is the blog post for you! We’re going to look at all the ways you can repurpose your garage. In most cases, garage conversions can even help you reach for some of the goals you put on the back burner, like getting in shape, reuniting the band, generating rental income, or starting a home-based business. 

The First Steps to Bettering Your Garage

Clean it Out

The first thing to do if you’d like to make better use of your garage space is clean it out. Put a garage floor mat down so that if you do end up parking indoors, your car drips onto the mat, which can easily be removed. This way, you avoid additional cleaning entirely. 

If you have a ton of stuff to store, consider renting a storage unit. You can typically find one in your area for less than a hundred dollars a month. Otherwise, get sorting and start rehoming (or recycling or trashing) the items you know you’ll never use again.

Get Your Door Inspected & Maintained

If you’re transforming your garage into a space that’s meant to be peaceful, a grinding garage door can really intrude on the feng-shui. Most homeowners neglect the largest appliance in their homes, which leads to awful noises that should be left to horror flicks. Have your garage door and garage door opener inspected and maintained on a regular basis by a professional garage door tech in Edmonton. You know who to call!

Plan Your Overhaul
Any good architect, builder, or interior designer will tell you that a renovation without a plan is like a rabid dog without a leash; it can go off the rails faster than you can stay “stop!”

Even if it’s just an outline on lined paper, draw out your plan for the space and get some input from others. If you need to, hire the right people to get the job done for you. 

7 Unusual Uses for Garage Space
Business Headquarters
Okay, so you started a little business on your home computer and it got a little out of hand. Now, you have orders flying in and products or services going out, and your tiny little office space is overwhelmed. There isn’t exactly a budget for renting an office space, but… your garage is like a free office space!

When you’re short on space and you need a place to get out of the house and get some work done (but still have your dog and slippers nearby), transforming your garage into a workspace is a great option. If you think it will be permanent, look into renovations from a professional contractor. Meanwhile, if it’s a temporary fix, a good clean, a few rugs, and some easily moveable furniture will do just fine.

Jamming Space

It’s finally happening. The band is getting back together. You might not have played together since high school, but your fingers remember the chords like it was yesterday. The only problem is that there’s nowhere to practice. 

Garages offer a great space for jamming that’s somewhat separate from your home (in other words, wife-approved). So whether you’re a soloist, have kids who insist on being in band class, or just like to jam with the guys occasionally, converting your garage into a playing space is a great idea. Look into soundproofing options to give you better acoustics and keep the neighbours from hating you. A well-insulated and well-installed garage door can also do the trick!

A Crafty Workshop
If you spend a lot of time in Michaels craft stores, but you never seem to find what you’re looking for, you could be suffering from “lack-of-craft-space-itis.” The best way to combat this is to turn your garage into a spacious workshop where you can woodwork, paint, sew, build, or scrapbook to your heart’s desire. 

Before you make the switch, think about the organization of your garage. How can you create a workspace that matches your workflow? What kinds of shelving units will be best for storing your materials? 

Full Living Space Conversion
Full conversions are not for the faint of heart. Not only will you permanently be giving up your parking space, but you’ll need to hire professionals and put a significant investment in. Still, for those short on living space, the garage offers a great opportunity to build out (without actually building out). 

Homeowners choose to turn their garages into extra bedrooms and bathrooms, spacious dining areas, luxury kitchen space, playrooms or offices, and more. The options are virtually endless. Just be sure to do your research before you convert, since there are legal, budget, and practical considerations.

Adding a Garage Suite
If you want to add space to your home and make better use of your garage, but you don’t necessarily want to sacrifice the extra storage and parking, a garage suite is a great addition. This is a living space built on top of your existing garage.

Garage suites can be used as guest suites (for those guests you need an extra degree of separation from – in-laws anyone?) or as rental properties. As an added bonus, garage suites instantly boost the value of your home. They do require an upfront investment, but the pay-off has been worth it for many Edmonton homeowners. 

Upgrade Your Garage & Fall in Love with It Again
If, after all this, you still aren’t sure about repurposing your garage, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve what you already have. For starters, a brand-new garage door can make a huge difference by adding insulation to make it more comfortable, instantly updating the style of your home, and boosting your curb appeal by up to 30%. 

If you’d like to shop for a beautiful and functional steel garage door in Edmonton without leaving your house, let us come to you! We book free in-home consultations to help you find the door that’s right for you.

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