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Garage doors Edmonton | understanding garage doors

Often, when someone’s garage door is not working properly, the only thing they care about is contacting an expert in garage doors Edmonton. To get it fixed, so they are not held prisoner in their own garage. While they are trying to get to work, or to their appointments.

Unfortunately, people and up making snap decisions. That can result in installing a new garage door that is not the best for their needs. And this is often because whoever is fixing their door.

Sells them on a new garage door package. In hopes that they will see it as an investment. And avoid having other problems. But if they are not installing the best quality. They will end up with the same problem.

This is why anyone who is thinking about tuning up their current garage door. Or installing a new package. Should contact C and W garage doors Edmonton. Because they are the garage door experts.

Not only do they know an extremely large amount about garage doors. They have also been installing them for several years. And know exactly what homeowners need to install. For a well-functioning garage.

For example, they also know that the harsh climate in Edmonton, Alberta. Will require a garage door. That can continue to function. In 3 feet of snow. As well as below forty °C temperatures. For days on end.

This is one of the reasons why they recommend installing steel garage doors. Instead of the more trendy wooden doors. Because problems can occur with wooden doors. Particularly in this harsh, northern climates.

While wooden doors can absorb moisture from the snow. And swell. Which would cause them to pop their screws. Steel garage doors on the other hand. Will function no matter what the temperature is.

Therefore, even when people are very insistent on the style of a wooden garage door. When they sit down with C and W garage doors Edmonton. They will find out about the customizable features of their garage doors that they sell.
That will allow people the look of a wooden door. With all the function of a steel garage door. Not only will steel continue working in matter if it is 30°C or below 30°C. But unlike wooden doors, that are solid wood. Are extremely heavy, and cannot be insulated.

Steel garage doors are made hollow. And can come with no insulation, partial insulation. Or with full insulation. To fit every application. And when it is for a house, for people to park their cars in.

Or even to use their garage as a storage place, a home gym. Or something else. They are going to want insulation. With polyurethane. Because it is thicker and more durable than polystyrene.

If people want more information about garage doors. Especially when they needed installed in Edmonton Alberta. They need to call C and W garage doors at 780-266-1248. Not only do they do free estimates. But they will help people design the garage door of their dreams.

Garage doors Edmonton | understanding garage doors

Often, when people are ready to contact a specialist with garage doors Edmonton. They have already decided what style they love. And currently, people are installing wooden garage doors in their homes.

This is because wood is very stylish. And gives people not only a unique look. But it makes their home look high-end. And increases their resale value.

Unfortunately, most of the people who are getting garage doors made of wood installed. In their Edmonton homes may not realize what a problem that could be ultimately.

The reason why, is because wooden garage doors are not ideal for this climate for many different reasons. One of the first problems with a wooden garage door.

Is the fact that in this harsh environment. With subzero temperatures, snow, wind and ice. It will make their wooden garage door very weathered very quickly.

In fact, according to see and W garage doors. If people are not sanding, and repainting or refinishing their wooden garage doors every year. They will not keep the luxurious look.

That drew them to the look in the first place. And they will spend more time on garage door maintenance. Then they bargained for. Especially since most people do not think about their garage doors.

Until they stop working properly. And when this is the case, they might be resentful towards the door. Or have to hire someone to do the work, which will cause them to spend more money than they anticipated.

As well, another problem with wooden garage doors. Is the fact that they are solid wood, which is not only very heavy. But lack the ability to be insulated. Which means garages in this Canadian climate.

Are going to be colder then they are well insulated counterparts. When people are parking their car in their garage. They will want to keep as much heat in. So that their car will start in the morning.

But since 30% of homeowners do not park in the garage according to a Wall Street Journal survey. They are using the garage for other things such as a workout room, a band practice room, or a workspace.

And in this case, having insulation is even more important. Then it was when they were simply using their garage to park their car in. They may not realize how cold their garage will be with the wooden garage door.

And when coupled with the fact that it will need to be refinished on a regular basis. Will make people wish they had talked to the garage doors Edmonton expert first. Instead of living with a garage door that they are ultimately unhappy with.

People can call C and W garage doors Edmonton any time for a free estimate. And all they have to do is pick up the phone and dial 780-266-1248 or visit

They can ask all the questions that they want, in order to get a style that they love. And all the functionality that they deserve.

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