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Kids are so much fun. They’re so brave and they always seem to be exploring! Of course, that exploring sometimes leads them play around with dangerous items in and around your home. Your garage door is an unlikely suspect, but it can be very enticing for kids to open and close, dart under, ride on, and fiddle around with.

Your garage door is the largest, heaviest moving object in your home. It’s something you use every day – probably without considering any major safety risks. But for young children, a garage door can pose a number of very serious risks. Here are a few straightforward ways to protect your children from garage door accidents.

1. Keep the Garage Door Opener Out of Reach

Kids love to push buttons. Whether it’s the TV remote, elevator buttons, or the one that opens your garage door.

Like most potentially dangerous items, it’s important to keep your garage door remotes out of reach of children. For the garage access panels, this is easy enough. Just make sure the panel gets installed well above the reach of curious hands (at least five feet above the floor). Your in-car remote is a little more difficult, but you can keep it hidden out of sight to prevent kids from reaching for it.

2. Double Check Your Sensors

In the early 1990s, the Consumer Product Safety Commission mandated that your automatic garage door’s safety features include an auto-reversing feature. This feature uses a photoelectric eye to sense if anything is blocking the door as it’s closing. If something moves in the way of the sensor while the door is moving, the door automatically reverses. To keep your children safe from a closing door, you should regularly inspect and test this feature on your door.

The introduction of the CPSC mandate was based on some very unpleasant statistics about kids and garage doors. We won’t go into detail, but just know that this feature is extremely important! As soon as you notice any type of malfunction, be sure to have a garage door expert take a closer look.

3. Tell Children Not to Hitch a Ride

We all know kids can make a game out of pretty much anything. Kids are often tempted to turn a garage door into a “ride” like the ones at the amusement park. This kind of game can turn into a serious injury really fast, so make sure to teach kids to keep their fingers (and other limbs) well away from an opening or closing garage door


There are also a few ways to prevent this when you’re buying your next garage door. One of the many reasons we love Amarr doors is because they come with anti-pinch features. C&W also offers garage door openers that prevent kids from “hitching a ride” thanks to their automatic force adjustment features.

4. Teach Your Children the Areas to Avoid

The door itself might seem like the biggest risk, but the other moving parts of your garage door opener can also be very dangerous. These include the garage door spring systems, lifting cables, tracks, emergency release cord, and the emergency sensor system.

Show your children each of these parts and explain what they do. This can ward off any curiosity they might have. Also explain what happens when something specific is touched or pushed. For example, you can explain that if they pull the emergency release cord, the door will come crashing down and someone could get very hurt under the heavy door.

5. Keep the Door Closed

Keeping your garage door open poses a safety risk to your whole family – not just your children. An open door might allow strangers to enter your home or can give kids free access to the tools and chemicals you have stored inside. Don’t leave your overhead door in the open position; make sure it’s fully closed behind you every time. If you have an attached garage, make sure you also close and lock the door that leads into the house.

This is a big problem for a lot of homeowners, which is why almost every opener we offer comes with MYQ technology. It’s a simple app that links to your opener and lets you know when your garage door is open. It also lets you close the door from anywhere in the world!

6. Complete Regular Maintenance

An old, broken, or unmaintained door is the most dangerous kind. The key to great safety is maintaining your entire garage door system. Injuries and accidents are more likely to occur if your garage door is broken or damaged. Make sure you inspect your garage door regularly to catch anything before it becomes a safety hazard for kids, pets, or even yourself. If you notice any damaged parts, it’s important to fix them right away!

At C&W Canada Garage Doors, we can help you complete all your necessary garage door maintenance and repairs to keep everyone safe and your garage completely secure. Contact our expert team today to book your inspection!

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