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So, your garage door is looking a little worn down. Maybe you’ve noticed it squeaks or creaks when it opens and closes. Or maybe you’ve been having trouble opening or closing it at all.

Whether your door is broken, damaged, or just weathered and worn, replacing it can always bring back that sparkle and shine. But is a replacement necessary, or could you just have it serviced to get it back into great condition?

At C&W Canada Garage Doors, we get this question a lot. Here are a few questions we usually ask homeowners to help them decide if it’s time to have us come in for a new door installation, or if a quick repair service can do the trick:

1. When was your last repair service?

Have you ever had your garage door inspected, serviced, or repaired? If so, a few mechanical upgrades to items like spring cables might do the trick to take care of squeaks and creaks.

There are plenty of companies that offer garage door service in Edmonton, but only one that will bring a smile to your face! C&W is ready to jump in and help make an annoying garage door issue into a minor nuisance that won’t be back to bother you again.

2. Are you planning on reselling your home or doing exterior renovations soon?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your garage door makes up a lot of your house’s curb appeal. So, if you’re planning a major renovation for the exterior, now is probably a good time to invest in a complete overhead door overhaul.

If you’re planning on selling your house in the next few years, that’s even more reason for a replacement. Upgrading wood doors to steel doors is one recommendation we always make. Steel doors look better and last longer, and you get a lot more wear and tear out of them. If you’re worried about finding a style you love, call us to book an appointment so we can show you all the custom options you can choose from.

3. What are you willing to invest right now?

There’s no point in downplaying it; a garage door is an investment. It only makes sense. After all, it’s a major functional and aesthetic piece of your home. It’s not going to be cheap to replace your door and opener, but in the long run, it can save you time and money on repairs. As discussed above, it can also pay for itself in curb appeal or resale value.

At C&W Canada Garage Doors, we work with Amarr doors because they have amazing products at affordable prices. You can choose custom options or go for a basic door model that costs less, but still looks fantastic. Plus, you know you’re getting quality because there’s a great warranty.

4. Is your garage door opener giving you trouble, or is it the door itself?

Sometimes, deciding whether to replace or repair depends on how much damage there is to how many components of your system.

In many cases, it’s just your garage door springs that need to be replaced, or you just need a few repairs. This can be more cost effective than a full replacement. However, if you have to do a partial replacement (just the door or just the opener) it sometimes makes more sense to replace everything at once. That way, you can also get the benefit of sweet upgrades like remote monitoring and entry from anywhere in the world!

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