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If you think you hate winter, imagine how your garage door feels.

Winter weather in Alberta is hard on everyone, but, believe it or not, your garage door takes the brunt of icy chills and snowstorms in the colder months. Sometimes this winter wear-and-tear results in protesting, which can sound like squeaking, whining, scraping, and grinding as your door opens and closes. In other cases, you’ll see your door start to shudder or move abnormally, or you’ll notice it looks just a little off-kilter.

If you’re hearing or seeing these symptoms of garage door winter blues, it’s time to treat yours to a thorough 12-point inspection from C&W Canada Garage Doors. Here are just a few reasons your door might be screaming for love this winter, and what you can do to get your garage door working properly. 

Four Common Winter Garage Door Problems and Their Solutions: 

Your door isn’t fully sealed.

Keeping your door sealed properly is important, and not just because of your potentially skyrocketing utility bills. Your garage door panels are built to stand up against ice and snow, but many of the interior workings of your door (including your garage door opener) are not.  

Check the weather seal at the bottom of your door to see if it lies flat against your garage’s floor. If it’s warped, shrunken, cracked, or damaged, call your local garage door professionals. They will be able to locate the right type of rubber weather stripping for your garage door, and complete a quick removal and install.

You also don’t want your weather stripping to ice over and stick to the concrete. A great tip to keep your garage door functioning smoothly this winter is to keep your driveway cleared of snow. That way, you won’t be tracking snow and ice inside every time you drive in. In other words, invest in a snowblower (or a friendly neighbourhood kid who wants to make a few bucks)!

You’re hearing a lot of squeaking or scraping

There are a few reasons your garage door is squeaking or scraping, but the most likely culprit is friction between moving parts. When your garage door isn’t properly lubricated at least once a year, the components may start rubbing together and creating a lot more noise. Cold weather makes this problem worse because it tends to slightly shrink various parts of your door.

It’s important to use the right type of lubricant on your door. Your typical WD40 isn’t going to work well enough, and certain types of lubricants can be hard on your door’s components and eat away at paint, so be sure to check with a professional before you lubricate your garage door on your own.

An annual inspection and maintenance service by a garage door professional can prevent noises that’ll make your neighbours cringe. The best times of the year for this type of service is spring or fall, but C&W Canada Garage Doors also does garage door maintenance service year-round. 

Your door isn’t well insulated

As garage door specialists in Edmonton, we’re often asked if it’s a good idea to add additional insulation onto a garage door. You can buy insulating panels for your garage door from local hardware stores, but we don’t recommend it. For starters, the extra weight from these panels can cause strain on your opener. It can also cause your door to become unbalanced.

If you feel like your door is letting in a lot of cold air, check your weather stripping (refer to tip #1). After that, schedule an inspection with an Edmonton garage door company. In many cases, the door’s insulating properties are not related to the “r-value” of a door (the insulating properties built into the panels themselves). Instead, they’re related to the “u-factor,” which has a lot more to do with garage door installation and proper functioning. To learn more about your garage door’s “r value” and “u-factor,” check out our post about energy-efficient garage doors.

If you’re looking for a well-insulated garage door in Edmonton to keep your garage toasty and comfortable throughout the winter, call us today so we can provide you with the best options. 

Your garage door is off-balance

If your garage door is balanced, it’s probably making a lot of noise, and you may even be able to see that one side is higher than another. There are many reasons why your garage door isn’t balanced properly, including where your tracks are positioned.

Another reason your door might not be balanced is that your spring tension is off. If your garage door is properly balanced, you should be able to stop it at any point in the cycle. You can check this by pulling down on the emergency release on your opener and gently lifting up on the door. 

If you cannot lift your door easily with one hand, chances are your spring tension is off. At this point, you should seek a garage door professional for a service call as springs are very dangerous due to the amount of tension in them, and they should only be handled by professionals.

Solutions from Your Friendly Neighbourhood Garage Door Specialist

If you need garage door repairs or garage door services in Edmonton and you don’t know who to call, C&W Canada Garage Doors is here for you. Our founder, Chris Wilke, grew up in California. After coming to Edmonton, he had to learn new ways to battle the cold, so he sourced garage doors and garage door openers that stood the test of Alberta winters. He’s also built up an arsenal of cold weather strategies for keeping your doors running smoothly all winter long.

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