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Setting the Bar Higher

Whenever you set out to have some home renovations completed, there’s always a bit of uncertainty. How will you compare your experience? Are you making the right decision? What will the results look and feel like? 

Getting a new garage door installed is no different. It’s typically something a homeowner only has to do a few times in a lifetime. However, it’s also a more expensive purchase than, say, a fancy dinner out, which makes it a bigger decision than a $40 steak that may or may not taste like a shoe. 

 In our decades of experience working with garage doors, we’ve learned that one of the best ways to deliver a great customer experience is by setting high expectations and meeting them. That starts with outlining what we do and how we do it in detail. 

 If you’re wondering what to expect when you have a new garage door installed, this post will teach you: 

  • What to expect in terms of costs and return on investments
  • What the installation process looks like from start to finish 
  • How to get the most out of your new installation 

The Costs & ROI on Your New Garage Door

Replacing your garage door is one of the least expensive exterior home improvements you can make. Not only is the cost low compared to other home upgrades, but the return is higher, too. You can boost your curb appeal, increase the resale value of your home, and, of course, make opening and closing your garage door quieter, simpler, and more convenient. 

The Full Garage Door Installation Process

 Here’s a complete breakdown of what it will look like when you have a new garage door installed by C&W Canada Garage Doors:

  1.  A quick conversation. When you get in touch, we’ll have a quick conversation about what you’re looking for, the timeline for your installation, and some basic pricing. If you call C&W Canada Garage Doors and you can’t get in touch with us because we’re on a job, you can leave a message and we’ll get back to you quickly. During this conversation, we’ll book a more formal appointment to go over your options and answer all of your questions in detail. 
  2. An assessment. Ready to meet us in person? We’ll walk through all of your garage door options, including the different Amarr garage door options that would suit your home, budget, style, and needs. We’ll also go over our Liftmaster garage door openers if you’re planning on having your opener replaced. These two companies offer high-quality products that we know and trust, which means you’ll get the best possible installation and a long-lasting garage door. We’ll also discuss customization options, which are available on many of the garage door products we sell. Finally, we’ll add in all the accessories and tech to make your garage door the real MVP on your street, including apps that control your door using Wi-Fi, different styles of remotes, and other safety and security features that are available. 
  3. A quote. As homeowners, we have a lot of priorities to juggle. Should you install a new garage door, or make those repairs to your deck? We understand that you need to know the detailed costs of the products and installation so you can make an informed decision. We’ll provide you with options that work for your budget, and we’re always available to make changes or discuss different options for your garage door installation.  
  4. The installation date. Once your door has been built and is ready to install, we’ll set up a time that works for you to have your new door put up by our professional installers. We’ll take down your old door, put up a new one, and do all the fine-tuning and testing within a few hours. 

 After this simple process, you can enjoy your brand new garage doors! (and your neighbours can enjoy them too, because they’re sure to add some serious curb appeal to your house)

Do I have to replace my garage door and my garage door opener at the same time? 

This is a question we’re often asked by homeowners. In short, no, you do not have to replace your garage door opener when you replace your garage door (and vice versa). However, most homeowners choose to make both improvements at once, partially because both components are typically wearing out at the same time, and partially because they can save money and time by bundling both into one installation process. 

 How to Get the Most Out of Your New Installation 

Alright, so you’ve been through the process, you have a gorgeous new garage door that opens and closes as quietly as a ghost sneezing – now what? 

 C&W Canada Garage Doors loves repairing garage doors, but not when we know that you could have saved that money with some simple maintenance. That’s why we’ll walk you through maintenance for your new garage door after installation. If it’s not something you want to handle yourself, we can also set up annual inspections and maintenance appointments that you can “set and forget.” 

 For a few of the maintenance tips and tricks we’ll provide you with after you have a door installed, head to our YouTube page to check out our DIY garage maintenance videos. 

Meeting Expectations

 Have you ever been to a restaurant that a friend recommended and walked in with high expectations, only to be ridiculously disappointed? That’s a scenario we always want to avoid. We believe that if you promise people delicious, piping hot pizza, that’s what you should deliver. We also believe that if you promise people a smooth garage door installation experience, that’s what you should deliver. 

 If you’re looking for a stress-free process and you want to work with garage door techs with expertise and an easy-going approach to garage door installation, get in touch with us today! We look forward to answering your questions and meeting your expectations!

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