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The garage…

For most people, it’s not the most exciting part of their homes. It’s just a place where you park the car, throw a garbage bag before taking it to the curb, and lose old boxes of stuff you never needed anyway. 

But not for you. To you, the garage is basically like a “room of requirement” that can be anything you need it to be. Your garage is your haven. It’s the place where you go to do the things you love – those things that should have been built into your house, but weren’t. After all, who doesn’t need a poker table and vintage arcade games for when their friends come over? And who wouldn’t want to hear the constant grind of a table saw whining all day long on a Saturday?

Whatever you use your garage for, we get it. We’ve been helping people fall in love with their garages all over again for decades. We’ve also helped people achieve their secret garage door dreams. 

For those of you who haven’t found your perfect garage setup quite yet, here’s some solid inspiration. Or, if you can spot your “type,” scroll down to find out why you deserve a brand-new garage door and how to completely optimize your space. 

The Garage Band 

It’s time to revive the garage band days and bring the band back together. Your hair is shorter, your face is less greasy, and best of all, you don’t have your mom leaning into the basement to tell you to cut out all that racket!

Whether you’re part of a string quartet or a heavy metal rock band, your musical dreams deserve their very own space. 

Tips for Rocking Out Harder:

- Get a heater installed if your garage isn’t heated. The beat just doesn’t sound the same when your drummer’s hands are shaking
- Section off a relaxing hangout space where you can warm up, get creative, or make big plans for your next gigs
- Choose a well-insulated garage door that keeps the temperature from the extremes and does double-duty by adding extra soundproofing. We like the Designer’s Choice garage door from Amarr Garage Doors, which is completely customizable. 

The Tinkerer

When someone asks what you do all day on a Saturday in your garage, you don’t know exactly what to tell them: you’re just getting stuff done! If you’re the type of person who thinks gardening or fixing a broken lawn chair is more relaxing than sinking into the couch to watch a show, chances are you’re a tinkerer. 

Your ideal garage space is functional and packed with everything you need, right on hand. Since you’re presumably a jack of all trades and master of none, you have a lot of tools, appliances, and parts on hand, so organization is critical. 

Tips for the Tinkerer: 

- Find functional organizers for all your stuff, such as rolling tool storage that you can easily pull out or move around
- Make sure you have plenty of workspaces and vary the heights so you can sit or stand depending on the type of work you’re doing
- Since you probably end up going in and out a lot (or even leave the garage door wide open in the summer to work), check out how and why to perform regular garage door maintenance so you don’t have to cringe every time it goes up and down.
- Get a smart garage door opener with the MyQ app so you can check that you closed the door while you’re running to Home Depot

The Mechanic 

It doesn’t matter if you have an old VW van, a 1970s muscle car, or a brand-new Harley sitting in your garage with a gleam that says it’s loved; you’re serious about your garage. You might not be running a professional mechanic shop out of it, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be spectacular.

Maximize Your Mechanical Workspace:

- Keeping everything clean is almost as important as keeping it functional, so you’ll want to invest in items like parking mats
- If you have more than one beauty in your garage, use tape on the floor to create parking guides that will help maximize your space
- Get a garage door that matches the pride you have for your vehicles. Better yet, go for the gold and get a top of the line Vista garage door that shows them off in all their glory.

The Woodworker

Somewhere between the maze of sawhorses and piles of sawdust on the concrete is your screw gun. Now, it’s just a matter of finding it! 

When you bring home a new saw and you can’t find room for it on your workbenches, you’re undoubtedly the “woodworker” type of garage owner, and there’s no doubt about it: you need a garage door remote you can hang off your belt loop so you don’t lose it amidst the chaos. 

Work Smarter (and Harder!):

- Invest in a high-powered shop vac that has a lot of capacity
- Build a storage or shelving area for your wood so you can store it indoors and have it handy
- Keep your garage door open when you’re working whenever you can to prevent inhaling sawdust (and any chemicals used to treat the wood)

The Majestic Man Caver

Maybe there was a day when you had your man cave in your basement. But that was before kids and dogs and in-laws coming to stay. Now, you’ve been relegated to the garage if you want to get any time to yourself or hang out with the guys. If this is you, your garage needs to be a complete oasis that includes sports memorabilia, table games, hangout spaces, drink and snack bars, and an ultimate sound system. This is no time to skimp on the details, so let your imagination run wild.

Power Up Your Man Cave: 

- Remember that there are virtually no rules when it comes to designing your man cave. That M&M bar you joked about with your buddies during a night of heavy drinking is not off the table.
- Get some cheap flooring so you can kick your shoes off after a long day. Find some carpet from a discount carpet store or grab a few rugs from IKEA.
- Get a garage door that’s so slick, your friends have to gather around to watch in appreciation as you open and close it. Yes, that is possible, and yes, C&W Canada Garage Doors has one just waiting for your man cave!

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