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Quality Installation & Edmonton Garage Door Repair

If you are looking for the best  Edmonton garage door repair and installation, we can help! At C&W, we know the impact a garage door has on your home and family. That’s why we ensure our products are a step above the rest. Do you need something reliable and simple to fill your rental property? Or maybe a custom designer touch to update your home’s curb appeal? Whatever the case, C&W Canada has you covered. Get in contact with our team to get started.

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Chris Wilke - Owner, C&W Canada Garage Doors

Why Choose C&W Canada?

So you’re asking yourself, why us, what makes us better? Well, we’re a second-generation company, which means you don’t only get my ten years of experience in garage door installation and repair, but you also get my family’s. We have top quality products that are built to last and competitive pricing!

How Often Should A Garage Door Be Serviced?

You should have your garage door serviced at least once a year to ensure safety and efficiency. We recommend bi-annual maintenance as an extra precaution against potential issues. When maintenance is not upheld, A lot of things can go wrong. Your hinges can break, your cables can snap, and your springs can break. Maintenance is necessary because you’re using it every day, often three to four times a day. So you want to make sure everything is properly working, or it can break at an inconvenient time, like when you’re late for work or when your daughter’s dance recital starts in 10 minutes. Since it is the biggest and heaviest appliance in your house, it can be hazardous if you’re maintaining it on your own. If it’s unbalanced or if your springs or cables break and you try to fix it yourself, you could end up doing severe injury or harm to yourself. So please leave those jobs to professionals.

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How to Tell if your Garage Door Is Balanced

Are you wondering how to tell if your garage door Is balanced correctly? Like athletes and gymnasts, being off-balance is not great for your door. To get back on track, you can do a simple balance test. Learn how to check your balance, when your springs might be damaged, and when to call a specialist.


If your garage door is making a squeaking or grinding noise when opening or closing, it might mean it needs to be lubricated. This simple video will teach you when and how to lubricate your garage door to keep it opening and closing smoothly. You will need a petroleum-based lubricant; our experts suggest doing this twice a year, once before winter and once afterwards.

Experienced Team Of Technicians

Your door is the focal point of your home’s front elevation. And if it’s damaged or broken, it’s more than just an eyesore; it’s an inconvenience. If it’s loud, slow to open, or even stuck, it can be both unsafe and unappealing. It should be stylish, safe, and dependable. No matter if it’s Edmonton garage door installations or service and repairs, we’re ready to get to work. When you work with our team of experts, you get peace of mind knowing that everything has been installed safely, correctly, and with the highest standards. Get in touch with our team today to find the one to complement your home.

Garage Door Installation

edmonton garage door installation

It protects your home and vehicle from weather, vandalism, and theft. So don’t trust your Edmonton garage door installation to just anyone. Trust the team at C&W Canada. Our team of expert installers can have it fitted and installed seamlessly. When you work with C&W Canada, you’ll never have to worry if it’s been installed correctly - we get it done right the first time. Book an appointment today for a FREE ESTIMATE and see the difference.

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garage door service

When you get home after a long day, you can’t just hope that it will open. You need it to open. That’s why at C&W Canada, we offer high-quality and performance LiftMaster® garage door openers. Whether you’re looking for the longevity and reliability of a chain drive opener, the quiet and smooth operation of a belt drive opener, or the space-saving and unique style of a side mount opener, we’ve got you covered.

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Garage Door Repair In Edmonton

garage door repair in Edmonton

Do you have a broken spring? Or are you having trouble with your door opener? If you are, don’t hesitate to call. Our experienced team of technicians have years of experience providing first-class preventative maintenance services and garage door repair in Edmonton. Each service comes with a twelve-point inspection and lubrication of your door and opener, ensuring your system is in tip-top shape. For any emergencies that may arise, we’re at your service!


Garage Door Repair Services

Need Garage Door Repair Services ? Don’t panic. Just call C&W Canada! We offer trusted Edmonton garage door repair. The team at C&W Canada is ready to come up with a solution.


C&W Will Increase your Curb Appeal And Get You A Higher Return On Investment!

Improve your home’s comfort, convenience, and aesthetics.

Your  door is an expression of your style and the style of your home. It should complement your home, enhance the curb appeal, and, most importantly, it should be beautiful. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line Amarr garage products in various colours and styles to suit every home. The superior quality and design of Amarr products provide the perfect marriage of functionality and curb appeal. Whether you’re looking for a stylish carriage house door or a statement steel overhead door, our team will find and install the one that works for you!

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C&W Will Increase your Curb Appeal And Get You A Higher Return On Investment!

Our Experts Help You Feel Good About Your Home

You like saving a little extra money on your home’s heating and cooling bills. You also like knowing that you’re helping protect the environment. Did you know you could do both with a newly installed garage door? A new, properly insulated door can help improve your home’s energy efficiency by stopping airflow from outside. This means your HVAC system won’t work as hard, saving money on costly heating and cooling bills. Plus, by running your HVAC less, you help protect the environment! So not only will it look great, you can feel great about it too. Get in touch with our customer service team or fill out the form below to get started.

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Our Goal Is to Make Sure Your Door Is Installed Correctly and Beautifully

C&W Canada has been noticed by Three Best Rated in Edmonton thanks to our stunning overhead garage doors, and reliable repairs. 

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